Chairman’s Message, Laxmi Diamond


"For over 42 years, Laxmi Diamond has built its diamond business on four key principles: trust, innovation, value and vision."

Our journey began in Surat back in 1972 with just four polishing wheels, when my brothers and I started a small diamond manufacturing operation. Today, we are a global company that employs over 5000 people and operates throughout the entire Diamond Pipeline…from Rough to Retail.

Diamond Manufacturing remains at the core of our company business and we have a dedicated R&D facility that is a hallmark of our commitment to innovation. Our highly skilled workforce and experienced management team operates state-of the art facilities utilizing the most advanced technologies, and they share the company’s commitment to continued improvement.

We can ensure a constant supply of rough diamonds, because we long-earned preferred customer status among major rough suppliers and the open market; and our reputation is complemented by our status as a long-standing DeBeers/DTC Sightholder.

We serve and support our wide range of customers who are located throughout, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, India and the United States.

In our continued efforts to position ourselves as an innovative industry leader, Laxmi Diamond expanded our expertise in manufacturing to innovative jewelry manufacturing over two decades ago. Today we pride ourselves for our support of global customers, some of whom have been with us for fifteen years. Ten years ago we also entered the retail business launching our first diamond jewelry brand (Cygnus Fine Jewelry), which operates in over 200 locations throughout metro-cities of India. We've since added exciting new collections such as Gabrielle Diamonds, Noor and Linked in Love, while we continue to develop a multitude of private diamond jewelry brands for our prestigious global retail clients.

As a company, we enthusiastically adhere to Best Practice Principles and accept our Corporate Social Responsibility to create profits while not doing harm to the environment or to the workforce. We also, however, adopt a more proactive a comprehensive commitment to our workforce, our local communities and our country. For example, we work to improve the quality of life of our workforce and communities with eco-friendly and air conditioned facilities, as well as provide health care for the families of all our employees along with many other employee benefits that are not common in India.

In 1993, we established the “Smt. ShantabenHaribhaiGajera Charitable Trust” which operates fully funded sustainable initiatives that accept no donations, while providing comprehensive education for over 40,000 children. We also founded and sustain a unique shelter for the elderly and orphaned children, named Vatsalya Dham, with guiding principle s of dignity, love and companionship.

As we continue to identify new challenges, maintain our long-term focus on innovation and dedicate ourselves to significant societal contributions, I attribute our resounding success to the commitment of the entire team that is Laxmi Diamond. What we do ... and how we do it ... will always matter.

Most sincerely,
Vasantbhai "Vasant" Gajera

Laxmi Diamond