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Company Profile

Company Profile

Laxmi’s business operations span the world of diamonds from rough to retail. Laxmi Diamond is the flagship company of the Laxmi Diamond Group. Headquartered in Mumbai, with global presence around the world including customers in United States, Europe, Middle-east and Far-east.

Mr. Vasant Gajera, the driving force behind the group, laid the foundation of Laxmi Diamond back in 1972, Since then, company has experienced rapid growth and since 1995, Laxmi Diamond has been a Sightholder of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), the distribution arm of the De Beers Group.

Laxmi is one of the major manufacturers and distributors of polished diamonds and supplies loose polished diamonds to the jewellery trade globally. The manufacturing facilities in Surat and Amreli in Gujarat are equipped with the latest high-tech machinery. The company’s continued emphasis on state-of-the-art factories, highly skilled personnel operating the very latest technology and implementation of quality control systems has resulted in efficient production. These high standards have been intrinsic to achieving the quality reputation now expected of Laxmi the world over.

Laxmi also has a considerable jewellery business, maintaining jewellery manufacturing facilities in Mumbai and Surat. With total manufacturing capacity exceeding 100,000 square feet equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery and operated by highly skilled professionals, Laxmi is able to produce fine jewellery of exceptional quality and international appeal. From rough to polished, to jewellery and even branded jewellery, and now to jewellery with branded diamonds.

The success of Laxmi Diamond can be attributed to our customer-centric philosophy, the quality standards we maintain, the meticulous manufacturing skills of our employees and fair trading practices which we actualize throughout the world. This in combination with our core family values ensures a loyal customer base all over the globe.

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