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Laxmi Diamond Grading System

Every loose diamond sold by us has been analyzed and graded by authentic ,renowned and respected international laboratories like GIA or IGI or HRD etc and / or by our in-house team of professionally trained gemologist.

Before our customers purchase a diamond, they should expect to review a copy of its certification as proof that it has undergone an unbiased, professional examination.

A diamond certification is a report created by a team of gemologists. The diamond is evaluated, measured, and scrutinized using advanced industry tools. A completed certificate includes an analysis of the diamond’s dimensions, cut , clarity, color, polish, symmetry, and other characteristics.

Laxmi Diamond Awareness program is aimed at educating about different aspects of following evaluated criteria of Diamonds viz.


Since all diamond shapes are very different, unique characteristics determine quality for each shape.

Following are the commonly known shapes of Diamonds.


Clarity is a measure of the number and size of the tiny imperfections that occur in almost all diamonds.

Many of these imperfections are microscopic, and do not affect a diamond's beauty in any discernible way.

Clarity simply refers to the tiny, natural imperfections that occur in all but the finest diamonds. Gemologists refer to these imperfections by a variety of technical names, including blemishes and inclusions, among others.

Diamonds with the least and smallest imperfections receive the highest clarity grades. Because these imperfections tend to be microscopic, they do not generally affect a diamond's beauty in any discernible way.

"eye-clean" diamond is the one that has no imperfections visible to the unaided-eye through the facu-up.

FL,IF Flawless, Internally Flawless: No internal or external imperfections. Internally Flawless: No internal imperfections. Very rare.
VVS1,VVS2 Very, Very Slightly Included: Very difficult to see imperfections under 10x magnification. An excellent quality diamond.
VS1,VS2 Very Slightly Included: Imperfections are not typically visible to the unaided eye. Less expensive than the VVS1 or VVS2 grades.
SI1,SI2 Slightly Included: Imperfections are visible under 10x magnification, and may be visible with the unaided eye.
I1 Included: This grade of diamonds will have minor inclusions that may be visible to the unaided eye.
I2,I3 Inclusions are heavy and visible to the unaided eye.


Cut is a diamond's most important characteristic. It has the greatest overall influence on a diamond's beauty. It determines what we generally think of as sparkle.

A diamond's cut grade is an objective measure of a diamond's light performance, or, what we generally think of as sparkle. When a diamond is cut with the proper proportions, light is reflected back to the top of the diamond. If it is cut too shallow, light leaks out of the bottom; too deep and it escapes out of the side.

EX Excellent: Reflects nearly all light that enters the diamond. An exquisite and rare cut. All the dimensions are perfectly maintained in the described mathematical proportions in order to get the most sparkle.
VG Very good cut: Reflects almost the same light as an Excellent cut, with slightly broader proportions.
GD Good cut: Reflects most light that enters. In this case , cutter might have chosen to get bigger size to make it more economical.
FR Fair cut: Reflects lower proportion of light due to weaker proportion that cutter has chosen to get maximum size or yield . These cuts are heavily discounted in price.


Carat is specifically a measure of a diamond's weight A one-carat diamond is comprised of 100 points called cents . Hence, 50 cents is equal to 1/2-carat, and so on.

Most of the time ,value of the diamond increases with increase in Carat size.


Grading Color

Color refers to a diamond's lack of color, grading the whiteness of a diamond.

A color grade of D is the highest possible, while Z is the lowest.

A diamond's color grade is based on its lack of color. The less color a diamond has, the higher its color grade. After cut, color is generally considered the second most important characteristic when selecting a diamond. This is because the human eye tends to detect a diamond's sparkle first, and color second. Diamonds graded J or better are colorless or near-colorless.

D Absolutely colorless. The highest color grade. Extremely rare.
E,F Colorless. Minute traces of color can be detected by an expert gemologist.
G,H Near-colorless. Color difficult to detect unless compared side-by-side against diamonds of better grades.
I,J Near-colorless. An exceptional value with slightly detectable warmth or tone.
K,L,M Noticeable color.
N to Z Easily Noticeable color.


Grading Color Fancy

Fancy Color Yellow Pink Blue Red Green Purple Orange Violet Gray Black Brown Cognac Chameleon White

Fancy Color Overtone

Color Overtone None Brownish Greenish Yellowish Pinkish Purplish Grayish Orangey Reddish Bluish

Fancy Color Intensity

Color Intensity Faint Very Light Light Fancy Light Fancy Fancy Dark Fancy Intense Fancy Vivid Fancy Deep

Polish | Symmetry

Polish/Symmetry ID EX VG GD FR PR
Description Ideal Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor

Heart & Arrow

Description 100% Above 80% No H&A


Luster EX VG Good
Description Excellent Very Good Good


Milky M0 M1 M2 M3
Description No Milky Slight Milky Medium Milky Heavy Milky

Eye Clean

Eye Clean E0 E1 E2 No
Description 100% Eye Clean Above 85% Eye Clean Above 70% Eye Clean No Eye Clean


Fluorescence Intensity No FNT MED MDB STG STB VST VSB VSL S
Description None Faint Medium Medium Blue Strong Strong Blue Very Strong Very Strong Blue Very Slight Slight
Fluorescence Color Blue Yellow Green White


Tinge Description
LBR Light Brown Tinge
MB Medium Brown Tinge
DB Dark Brown Tinge
LYB Light Yellowish Brown Tinge
MYB Medium Yellowish Brown Tinge
DYB Dark Yellowish Brown Tinge
LBY Light Brownish Yellow Tinge
MBY Medium Brownish Yellow Tinge
DBY Dark Brownish Yellow Tinge
Tinge Description
LG Light Green Tinge
MG Medium Green Tinge
DG Dark Green Tinge
BL Blue Tinge
PK Pink Tinge
GY Grey Tinge
GG Grayish Green
MIX Mix Tinge


Black Table Inclusion TB1 TB2 TB3 TPPB TPP
Description Minor Table Black Inclusion Medium Table Black Inclusion Heavy Table Black Inclusion Table Pinpoint Black Table Pinpoint
Cavity Table Inclusion TC1 TC2 TC3
Description Minor Cavity Table Medium Cavity Table Heavy Cavity Table


Black Side Inclusion SB1 SB2 SB3 SPPB SPP
Description Minor Side Black Inclusion Medium Black Side Inclusion Heavy Side Black Inclusion Side Pinpoint Black Side Pinpoint
Cavity Side Inclusion SC1 SC2 SC3
Description Minor Cavity Side Medium Cavity Side Heavy Cavity Side


Internal Graining LIG MIG HIG
Description Light Internal Graning Medium Internal Graning Heavy Internal Graning
Surface Graining Yes No


Pavilion Natural PN1 PN2 PN3
Description Minor Natural Medium Natural Heavy Natural
Crown Natural CN1 CN2 CN3
Description Minor Natural Medium Natural Heavy Natural
Table Natural TN1 TN2 TN3
Description Minor Natural Medium Natural Heavy Natural

Extra Facet

Pavilion Extra Facet EFP1 EFP2 EFP3
Description Minor Pavilion Extra Facet Medium Pavilion Extra Facet Large Pavilion Extra Facet
Crown Extra Facet EFC1 EFC2 EFC3
Description Minor Crown Extra Facet Medium Crown Extra Facet Large Crown Extra Facet
Table Extra Facet EFT1 EFT2 EFT3
Description Minor Table Extra Facet Medium Table Extra Facet Large Table Extra Facet

Open Inclusion

Pavilion Open Inclusion PO1 PO2 PO3
Description Minor Pavilion Open Inclusion Medium pavilion Open Inclusion Heavy Pavilion Open Inclusion
Crown Open Pavilion CO1 CO2 CO3
Description Minor Crown Open Inclusion Medium Crown Open Inclusion Heavy Crown Open Inclusion
Table Open Inclusion TO1 TO2 TO3
Description Minor Table Open Inclusion Medium Table Open inclusion Heavy Table Open Inclusion

Indented Natural

Pavilion Indented Natural INP1 INP2 INP3
Description Minor Pavilion Indented Natural Medium pavilion Indented Natural Heavy Pavilion Indented Natural
Crown Indented Natural INC1 INC2 INC3
Description Minor Crown Indented Natural Medium Crown Indented Natural Heavy Crown Indented Natural
Table Indented Natural INT1 INT2 INT3
Description Minor Table Indented Natural Medium Table Indented Natural Heavy Table Indented Natural
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