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Vatsalya Dham

Vatsalya Dham

Although our magnanimous business activities leave us a little free time for other activities, we, the Gajera family takes it upon ourselves to spend time, money and make all efforts to partake in social activities and services. Our social service activities are funded by our own Smt.S.H.Gajera Charitable Trust. We believe that “Service to Humanity is Service to God.”

With a noble purpose to serve the aged elders and orphan children, we have inaugurated an institution called VATSALYA DHAM on 25th May’2006.

Have you ever peeped into the life of children begging on city-roads or involved in one or the other anti social activities..?? What does a good society expect from this generation as a future citizen, which is being brought up and mislead amongst the evils of criminality, looting, begging, exploitation and unsocial activities?

Through Vatsalya Dham, we have made a sincere and responsible effort so that they may live a dignified and self-reliant life as that like our own children. We strongly believe that if a monetarily backward child is properly taken care of and imparted proper education, training and nurturing, he/she may turn out to be a better human being.

Vatsalya Dham is also a service centre for uncared and childless elders, who can give love and warmth to these children. The orphan children get love and sympathy from the elders and they may be able to crave out their own path of life with the help of elders. In return, the elders get warmth, support and respect from the children.

Vatsalya Dham houses these unfortunate children and elders and looks after their every need free of cost. Vatsalya Dham gives elders a chance to live their balance years in dignity and to the children, a future which they would never have had, had it not been this institution.

The main aims of Vatsalya Dham are :-

  • To provide Food, Clothing, Shelter to orphan, single-parent and helpless children, and to provide education to such children free of cost.
  • To provide all the facilities till they gets jobs on higher posts, after completing their higher education.
  • To train such children who wish to go for some professions, imparting training to them as per their choice, and to help them till they become self-dependent.
  • To cultivate family-relationship full of love and warmth, between orphans who come from lower strata of the society, deprived of family life and the elders in the institute.
  • To prepare plans to relieve children of criminality, unsocial and antisocial activities and bad habits, and to nurture human values.
  • To give shelter to childless, helpless elders and to employ their conspicuous talents, experiences and skills for the development of the children.
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